Clocking In On Innovation

November 09, 2018

Clocking In On Innovation

ADVANCE QUEENSLAND is helping to drive the exponential growth of the Sunshine Coast’s Aussie Time Sheets.

Through the Ignite Ideas Fund, Aussie Time Sheets has fast-tracked an emerging innovation which will help the small business compete both nationally and globally and employ more people.

At inception 6 years ago, ATS was based in David Azzopardi’s family garage, with him and his wife bringing to life their venture with countless hours of hard work and determination. The business now supports 11 staff members at a dedicated office in Pacific Paradise.

“We are proud to announce we have be awarded an Ignite Ideas grant to help us develop and launch our new enterprise level of time and attendance software,” David said.

“We had a vision of this software product being developed in five years’ time, however the financial support from the Queensland Government has enabled us to fast track this project towards a release in 2018.

“Without the support of Advance Queensland, we may have never had the opportunity to lead our industry in revolutionising our timesheet solution.”

Designed for businesses to automate their manual timesheet process and seamlessly integrate with their current payroll software, Aussie Time Sheets primary focus is on helping clients spend less time on payroll tasks. This is achieved by eliminating the need to use time cards, cutting out manual calculations, reducing errors and paying employees for the time they have worked.

Reducing employee labor costs helps to transform businesses – increasing cash flow and profit margins and paving the way to grow and in doing so increase staff levels.

“Feedback from our clients who have installed the current basic software is that they are receiving a return on their investment almost immediately after installation,” David said.

“Savings on payroll and employee productivity will increase the business ability to build sales and grow their team.”

The introduction of the Aussie Time Sheets Workforce TNA innovation is projected to increase software sales with the Ignite Ideas funding supporting the business in its software development.

“We anticipate the success of this project will see our team dramatically increase within three years,” David said.

“As we launch across nationally and internationally, increasing our customer base we will need additional staff in all areas of our business. This growth will include administrative, sales and IT professionals. Currently, our team consists of 100 per cent Queenslanders – all based on the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast.”

Aussie Time Sheets has employed an additional two team members after launching the project in September 2017 across the areas of technical support and software development.

To ensure seamless product delivery to customers on launch, ATS has a dedicated focus on software beta testing to identify issues and bugs.

The success of this project will create a need for further expansion, however, ATS will continue to be based in regional Queensland.

“Our goal is to create a national and international presence,” David said.

“Commercialisation of this product will raise the profile of Queensland as a destination for innovation.”

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