How to Choose the Right Time and Attendance Solution for the Education and Schools Sector

August 27, 2019

How to Choose the Right Time and Attendance Solution for the Education and Schools Sector

School administrators have a tough job; there are so many people, resources and systems working alongside one another to keep a school running smoothly. Ensuring your school runs efficiently and effectively means investing in the right tools and resources to simplify and streamline your processes.

Attendance is crucial to education, as education can’t take place without teacher attendance, so it’s important for the education industry to have a simple and reliable way to record time and attendance. With many schools already lean on resources and continuing to face demand for reduced costs and increased performance, a time and attendance solution also allows schools to have control over labour costs and improve staff attendance and productivity.

Time Clocks for Teachers

Time clocks for teachers results in greater across the board efficiency and better management, with administrators having tighter control and a more accurate understanding of their staff’s work hours.

Our time and attendance solutions for the education industry allow schools to compile multiple payrolls from different locations, across multiple school districts. With intuitive award interpretation, our timesheet software can also calculate multiple allowance types and awards.

Time Sheets for Teachers

At Aussie Time Sheets we have two time and attendance solutions best suited for the education industry, ATS Premier and Workforce TNA.

Aussie Time Sheets Premier


  • Multiple users – install the software to multiple PC’s
  • Employee web portal – gives employees the ability to login and clock on or off from anywhere, perfect for mobile healthcare workers. The street address of their location is attached to the clocking time and date for easy reporting
  • Employee time sheet approvals – managers or supervisors can approve multiple time sheets for a group or department
  • Direct payroll integration exports to MYOB, Xero, Wage Easy, Quickbooks and many more
  • Additional calculations to handle comprehensive award rates, including:
    - Accruals such as required day off, time in lieu and accrued time
    - Allowances such as first aid, meal or travel allowances
    - Loading rates such as casual shift loadings and leave loadings

Workforce TNA


  • Automatically record employee work hours through employee time clocks or an application and save it to a server or cloud hosted storage area
  • Off-site mobile clocking records the exact time and date. The GPS location is also recorded
  • Intuitive award interpretation gives you the power to calculate multiple allowance types per department or employee
  • Integrations with payroll, accounting or HR software are readily available and are important for ensuring accuracy between programs, saving time and labour on payroll processes
  • Multiple-location function allows you to install and use the same system across all locations


If you’d like to learn more about the right time and attendance solution for your school, contact our friendly Aussie Time Sheets team today.

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