How to Choose the Right Time and Attendance Solution for Your Mechanical Workshop

July 16, 2019

Time and attendance systems allow the mechanical industry to operate efficiently and create productive, reliable and automated workforces, so you can better spend your time growing your business and servicing your customers.

The mechanical industry has its own set of unique requirements when it comes to a time and attendance solution. Your staff typically work in one location, so you’d just be looking for a single time clock in your workshop. Your staff typically do day shifts, usually the same shift with possible afternoon or night shifts, and you may have a shift supervisor who views and approves timesheets, or your payroll officer may look after this.

Mechanic Workshop Time Clock

At Aussie Time Sheets we have a number of time and attendance solutions for the mechanical industry.

Face Scan Time Clock


  • Extremely reliable and fast to use, simply look at the device and it will clock on and record the time logged, there is no need to touch it
  • The device stops employees clocking on for each other
  • Perfect for work environments that leave fingerprints damaged or very dirty.
  • The device stores all the employee’s details and time logs in its internal memory, then retrieved by your timesheet software, where it will be calculated and ready to report for payroll
  • External bell relay inbuilt, can connect bell to signal work/break times

Proximity Card Time Clock


  • With an RFID Proximity contactless sensor, employees simply wave their card or tag past the front of the clock and their time is recorded
  • Ensures that all employees are logging all their time worked and sufficient records are kept for all employees
  • Device stores all the employee details and time logs in its internal memory, then retrieved by your timesheet software, where it will be calculated and ready to report for payroll

Bundy Clock


  • Easy to use
  • 6 columns for shift start/finish, morning tea and lunch break
  • Automatic column shifting
  • External bell relay in-built

Aussie Time Sheets Premier


  • Employee web portal – gives employees the ability to login and clock on or off from anywhere. The street address of their location is attached to the clocking time and date for easy reporting
  • Employee time sheet approvals – managers or supervisors can approve multiple time sheets for a group or department
  • Direct payroll integration exports to MYOB, Xero, Wage Easy, Quickbooks and many more
  • Additional calculations to handle comprehensive award rates, including:
    - Accruals such as required day off, time in lieu and accrued time
    - Allowances such as first aid, meal or travel allowances
    - Loading rates such as casual shift loadings and leave loadings


Mechanic Workshop Time Sheets

There are significant benefits to using a time and attendance system in your mechanic workshop. Time clocks reduce administration and payroll hours and costs, reduce labour costs by optimising the work hours of your existing workforce, streamline operations, ensures labour compliance, increases payroll accuracy, eliminates guesswork and errors, reduces the risk of time theft and optimises workforce scheduling by aligning your labour requirements with workload.


If you’d like to learn more about the right time and attendance solution for your mechanics workshop, contact the friendly Aussie Time Sheets team today.

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