Employee Temperature Screening

Employee Temperature Checks & Capturing

The body temperature detection device provides an effortless way to capture employee temperatures. When your employees start and finish work, their temperature is taken and automatically recorded. Quickly check and capture employee temperatures while recording their attendance.



Wall mounted, non-contact body temperature measuring device for fast and accurate temperature screening. 

Accurate Temperatures

Employee temperatures are measured from the heat radiation of an employee's palm or wrist, placed in front of the device.

High Temperature Warning

When an employee's temperature is over 37.5 degrees, the lights on the device turn from green to red and the device will beep 3 times.

Minimise Risk

Minimise business risk and create a safe environment for your staff, customers, visitors and suppliers.   

Identify employees with a high body temperature before they start work.

The Body Temperature device provides a reliable and accurate employee temperature screening method for your workplace.


Onsite Employee Temperature Checks

The body temperature device enables you to create a safe workplace. Instil confidence within your workforce and the community that your business is safe to enter. Temperature checks can help minimise risk and avoid the requirement to close your business and undergo comprehensive workplace cleaning.

Safe Work Australia Health monitoring

Safe Work Australia encourages employers to monitor their workers' health by administering temperature checks as a preventative measure in managing a COVID-19 outbreak in your workplace. Identify employees who have a heightened body temperature and encourage them to follow the correct protocol and seek further medical attention.

Simple to use employee body temperature detection

The device reads an employee's body temperature by measuring the heat radiation of the palm or wrist, placed in front of the device within a specified distance. Temperatures are recorded and available on a clocking report from Aussie Time Sheets. The pen and paper method could become unreliable due to incorrect records, people rushing or being time-poor. We recommend getting the benefits of using an automatic process.

Employee temperature checks add a layer of protection to your business’s return to work process. Contact our friendly team today to learn how we can help.

How it Works

The Body Temperature Detection thermometer is perfect for capturing employees' temperature when they clock in and out for work. The device can be mounted next to your existing device and powered by your time clock.


Easy to use with accurate temperature recorded:

  • Screening employee temperature before they start work by measuring the heat radiation of the palm or wrist
  • Integrated with our time and attendance software for record-keeping and reporting
  • The ATS Face Scan and fingerprint time clocks prompt your employees to take their temperature
  • Temperatures are displayed on the body temperature device and time clock
  • Employee temperature and clocking time are automatically recorded
  • The temperatures are accessible within your Aussie Time Sheets software on an employee timesheet report

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