How a Time and Attendance Management System Allows Your Business to Scale

February 24, 2020

How a Time and Attendance Management System Allows Your Business to Scale

Time and Attendance Management Solution

Every business dreams of growth, but few businesses actually take the necessary steps early on to ensure that their business model, procedures and systems are capable of handling growth and can be scaled with the business. Setting up systems and procedures in your business early is key to being ready for growth, and ensures your business has the best chance of succeeding.

Significantly Reduced Costs

Any business owner will know the value of a good employee, but also the investment it takes to hire, train and maintain that employee. In particular, onboarding new employees can take a lot of time, money and resources. An Aussie Time Sheets time and attendance management system can reduce this strain on resources significantly however, as fewer employees are required to monitor each worker and employees are able to be quickly and easily added to your timesheet and payroll system. Historically when a new hire started with a business, a new layer of costs would be added with management ensuring they are performing in their job and clocking the correct hours, which leads to slower growth in workers, lower efficiency and lower overall profits due to these additional costs, that don’t always result in additional output. With time and attendance software however, these costs are reduced significantly, and your business is able to scale quickly and bring on new employees more easily.

Aussie Time Sheets - Time and Attendance Management Systems

Tighter Control of Cash Flow

Growing businesses will know the struggle of cash flow, and likely feel the pressure to operate within tight budgets, while still being expected to grow. Perhaps for start-ups more than any other business, it is crucial to always be aware of expenditure, and employees are one of the largest controllable expense in a business. This makes monitoring employee’s time and attendance of upmost importance; by closely tracking employee work hours and attendance, employers are able to manage efficiency, easily spot any problems with productivity, measure what their team is capable of and make calculated decisions on workforce priorities, ensuring you are getting the most out of our labour dollars. Tighter control over employees and savings on labour spend also means that businesses will have more cash available to bring on new employees, again being able to scale more quickly.

Ability for Scalabiltiy 

Migrating to any new software or system can be timely and expensive, so it’s important to invest in the right solution that can grow with your business early on. At Aussie Time Sheets we have a number of different time and attendance software solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our systems are designed to be able to easily scale to accommodate your growth; from our Basic solution best suited for businesses with up to 50 employees, to our Premier solution best suited for businesses up to 100 employees, to our Workforce TNA solution best suited for businesses with up to 1,000 employees. You can start with a basic low-cost clock-in, clock-out functionality and automated timesheets, and when you’re ready there are more innovative solutions like biometric time clocks, advanced rostering and the ability to forecast rostering needs based on historical data.

Aussie Time Sheets Time and Attendance Management System

Forecast & Plan for Growth

Embracing data and analytics is also crucial to being able to forecast and plan for growth. By being able to see how much time was spent on a project, trends in employee work hours and any issues with productivity, employers can use this data to make informed decisions regarding what workload employees are capable of and where and when the workforce can afford to grow.

Reduce Administrative Tasks

Workforce management software also increase your business’s ability to scale by giving founders and owners precious time back. Automated timesheet and payroll systems significantly reduce hours spent on administrative tasks, meaning you can better spend your time working “on” the business, rather than “in” it.

While it can seem unimportant to establish standardised processes now, ensuring you have best practice implemented across all areas of the business will give you your best chance at growing a profitable, successful, scalable business.


With a range of affordable solutions Aussie Time Sheets have the right time and attendace system for your business. Compare the features available in our range of software.

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