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Timesheet Template for Australian Businesses

At Aussie Time Sheets, we offer a vast range of software solutions to help with time tracking.

Our timesheet software will keep timesheet records for well over the seven-year minimum the Fair Work Ombudsman needs.  

Our timesheet software and time clocks are robust, reliable, and easy to implement. Our timesheet software automatically captures data from the employee time clock or app, calculating daily and weekly hours on each employee's timesheet. The timesheet software keeps this data ready for you to access for payroll.   

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Our timesheet software options include Basic and Premier windows applications, Workforce TNA, our enterprise-level application, along with our cloud base uAttend Employee Management System. Automatically calculate your employee's work hours, break times, overtime and leave, all on a simple to use electronic timesheet.

We've put together the key benefits of an automated timekeeping system. Check out our article on Why it is time to evaluate your timekeeping practices.  

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Do your employees fill out paper timesheets for their weekly hours? Do you need a free timesheet template?   

free time sheet template for Australia

Using this free employee timesheet template, you can ensure all your employee's work hours are accurately recorded. The timesheet template is entirely free to download. This free timesheet template from Fair Work Australia will help you record all your employees start and finish times, lunch and meal breaks and overtime and allowances. The timesheet template can easily be printed out each week for your employees to fill out and submit.   

The timesheet template can be used by employees, consultants, freelancers, site workers and tradies. 

No matter the type of employee you hire, consultants, freelancers, site workers and tradies can use the timesheets template. Casual, part-time, full-time, and salary employees can use the timesheet template to record hours worked.   

Use this free timesheet template from Fair Work to record your employees daily and weekly work hours. Know exactly when your employees arrived and departed work. Ensure you keep and maintain timesheet records for your business.  

Australian operated businesses must comply with the Australian Fair Work legislation and keep sufficient records for employee hours worked. Companies must make and maintain accurate and complete records for all their employees (e.g. time worked, and wages paid) and issue pay slips to each employee. Record-keeping and pay slip obligations compliance are to ensure that employees receive their correct wages and entitlements.  

Employers must keep timesheet records and pay slips for a minimum of seven years for Fair Work legislation. Keep your business compliant with legislation and use this free template to record your employees work hours. For more information on Fair Work legislation around record-keeping, visit the Fair Work website here.

excel time sheet template

Download in Word or as a PDF.  

Do you know what your record-keeping obligations are?

What information are you required to keep for your employees? A range of information must be made and kept for each employee prescribed by the Fair Work Act 2009 and Fair Work Regulations 2009.

Get the facts and find out what your obligations as an employer are regarding record-keeping and pay slips.

The Fair Work Ombudsman has created various templates to help employers meet their record-keeping and pay slip obligations. Businesses can access other great tools and resources directly from the Fair Work website. Including the timesheet template, pay slip template, and roster template, which are entirely free for business. Check out the resources available here: Fair Work Tools & Resources

We have chosen a few templates that business can utilise in their business. Below you can download an employee roster template in word or excel document.   

free roster template excel

Download employee roster template - Word document 

Download your employee roster template - Excel document   

Other templates that can be beneficial and will ensure you meet the above Fair Work requirements are a pay slip template and timesheets, and the wages record template can be accessed below.   

Free Pay Slip Template

Download your employee - Pay Slip template 

Download your employee - Wages Record template