Top 5 Employee Time Clock Systems in Australia

April 10, 2014 2 Comments

Top 5 Employee Time Clock Systems in Australia

by David Azzopardi


Searching for a new employee time clock system?  If you've been searching the web you would've found there is quite a range out there.  You'll find a lot of systems that aren't in Australia, and quite a few time clocks on eBay that don't meet Australian Standards.


With over 75% of Australian businesses having under 20 employees, most systems cater to this market.  Once a business has over 20 employees then they may be looking for something a bit more robust and versatile.


We've taken the guess work out of finding your new employee time clock system, and put together the best 5 employee time recording systems available in Australia right now:


1.The ATS-Bundy clock system

ATS Payroll Bundy ClockATS Bundy Clock

This is the best system for someone who wants a no-fuss system and wants to scrap the messy, hand-written time sheets.


Key Features:

  • The first level of automated time recording
  • Prints employees start/finish times on a time card
  • Great for under 50 staff
  • Can print in red for late start/early finish
  • Very affordable time card accessories: time cards, card racks and ink ribbons

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2. Aussie Time Sheet Software with a range of time clock options

ATS Proximity Card Time Clock  ATS Fingerprint Time Clock  ATS Face Scan Time Clock  


Perfect system for the under 50 employees business who wants a system to calculate time sheets and have that data go to a windows PC for reporting.


Key Features:

  • User-friendly, Aussie Developed, windows software to calculate your time sheets
  • Choice of Swipe Card/Tag, Fingerprint or Face Scan time clocks
  • Have multiple time clocks connected to the one software installation
  • Use USB stick or Network to transfer data to the software
  • Up to 3,000 staff can use a single time clock

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3. uAttend Cloud-Based Employee Management System with a range of time clock options

uAttend CB6500  uAttend BN6500  uAttend MN2000  uAttend Employee App   

Has all the great features you can only get in a web-based system. Best for sites requiring remote access to software, staff who work remotely, access to live data. 


Key Features:

  • Cloud system, no software to install or maintain.  Access your timesheets from anywhere.
  • Choice of time clocks, Swipe Card/Tag, Fingerprint, Face Scan clocks.
  • Clock on using a webpage, phone app or time clock
  • Plug'n'play installation and setup, be up and running quickly
  • iPhone/Android apps included
  • LIFETIME support included
  • LIFETIME replacement warranty on time clocks
  • No contracts, pay as you go

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4. Focus Professional & Enterprise Time & Attendance System


Have over 50 employees?  Looking for a more professional or enterprise level system that can handle the complexities of your awards and payroll integration?  Then Focus is for you.


Key Features:

  • Comprehensive time & attendance system, built on an SQL database
  • Complex award interpretation, with complex time calculation options
  • Calculate up to 40 different paycodes per employee
  • Integration with leading payroll software providers
  • In-built rostering module
  • RDO and TOIL tracking.  Penalty rates, Allowances and Loadings
  • Multi-User Windows Application, with full permission based logins
  • Optional modules include: Workflow - Automated Reporting Module, Focus 5 - Web Module with Employee Self Service
  • Choose from a range of time clocks including RFID Card/Tag, Fingerprint and Face Scan time clocks.


5. Workforce TNA Software with a range of clocking options

Workforce TNA

We’ve recently added a sixth system to our software range. Workforce TNA an Enterprise level system design for Australian businesses. Perfect for employers with thousands of employees across multiple locations. Are you looking for a solution to record employee time and attendance, schedule shifts, calculate multiple award rates and export payroll data seamlessly? Then Workforce TNA is the system for you.

Key Features:

  • Clocking in using Facial Recognition, Fingerprint or Proximity card Clocks
  • App clocking for employees working remotely
  • Local hosting on-premise using your existing I.T infrastructure
  • Configure multiple pay codes for easy award interpretation
  • Manage employee leave requests and scheduled leave
  • 2-way integration with Xero, Unipay and MYOB AccountRight & Essentials
  • My Workforce TNA employee app includes self-service features
  • Local hosting on-premise using your existing I.T infrastructure


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So there you have it!  A brief run-down on the best 5 time clock systems available in Australia right now. We now offer 6 time clock systems with the recent release of our latest software addition Workforce TNA.


Would you like some more information on any of these systems?  Want to chat about which one might suit you best?  Simply fill in our Contact Us form below or click to Live Chat with one of our friendly sales team today!

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Sue Birrell
Sue Birrell

May 01, 2020

could I please have a price on number 3 aussie time sheet software



February 18, 2020

Hi i
want get one bundy clock I want to know the price and when i can get it?

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