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Proximity Card Time Clock Features

Connect via WiFi or Ethernet

Connect to your local network via WiFi or ethernet for easy data transfer. Offline data transfer via USB.  

Wall Mounted for Easy Access

Easy-to-self install time clock, screw the bracket to the wall and mount the clock to the bracket. Click below to see how to install the time clock.

How to install the ATS Proximity Card Time Clock

Fast Contactless Clocking

Employees can clock in quickly by waving their card or tag past the front of the clock. Employees never have to touch the device when clocking in and out for work or breaks using contactless RFID proximity cards. Click below to see how to clock on using the proximity card clock.

Clocking On with the ATS Proximity Card Clock

Employee Temperature Recording

Need to capture and record temperatures? The add on Body Temperature Detection Device reads an employee's body temperature by measuring the heat radiation of the wrist. Temperatures are recorded and available on a clocking report from Aussie Time Sheets Software.

Our Service Options

Remote Installation & Training  

Our remote installation & training option is so one of our Customer Services reps can log into your PC, install your software, configure all your shift rules, add your employees, and then train you how to use the whole system. We will do all the work for you! 

DIY & E-Learning

Look after the installation and setup yourself with our free e-learning course to help you get up and running.

Software Update & Enhancements

We are constantly adding new features, enhancing and improving our software product based on customer feedback.

Extended Warranty

We've extended the supplier's warranty to a 2-year replacement warranty on time clock hardware.

30 Day Change of Mind  

If you are not happy, send it back, no questions asked.

*t&c's apply  

Local Australian Support

Our friendly customer support team go above and beyond to get a speedy resolution. Contact via live chat, email, phone and access to the support portal. 

A Proximity Card time clock is an easy & contactless way to clock for work and record timesheets  

Take a closer look at the features of the RFID proximity card time clock

Aussie Time Sheets makes automating your employee timesheets a breeze.

Our software has been designed & developed right here in Australia for Aussie businesses.

Choose from our software packages Aussie Time Sheets Basic or Premier.

Software Options

Aussie Time Sheets Basic

Simple Time & Attendance Software

ATS Basic is installed on 1 Windows PC or laptop and is a single user software application for up to 50 employees. 

Easily connect multiple time clocks to your software anywhere in Australia with an internet connection.  

Windows 10/11 Application. (Not Mac Compatible) 

Automatic Timesheet Calculations

Timesheet Reports and automatic daily and weekly timesheet calculations.  

Calculate employee Base Hours, two rates of Overtime & Unlimited Leave Codes.

Streamline with Direct Payroll Integration

Enjoy direct payroll integration to 50+ leading payroll providers, including Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks, Attache, WageEasy, and more.

Ability to upgrade to Premier or Workforce TNA software at a later date if required.

Aussie Time Sheets Premier

Multi-user Software

Time & Attendance Software for Multiple concurrent users.

Centralised data on your Windows Server or Windows PC Application. (Not Mac Compatible)

Complex Timesheet Calculations

View timesheets per pay period. Daily shift calculations include Base Hours, Overtime, RDO/TOIL, Shift Loadings, Allowances, Annual Leave Loading, and additional payroll integration options.

Timesheet and payroll reports are available in csv and pdf file format. Streamline with direct payroll integration to 50+ leading payroll providers, including Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks, Attache, Wage Easy, and more.

Employee App Clocking  

Employees can clock on or off using the My Workforce TNA App from their smartphone, which logs the time, date and location. The app is perfect for employees working remotely, from home or on the road to capture their attendance easily.

Download from the App Store or Google Play. Ability to upgrade to Workforce TNA software at a later date if required.

Frequently Asked Questions for the Proximity Card Time Clock

How to enrol an employees card or tag at the proximity clock?

Enrolling an employee's proximity card or tag is easy. It takes less than a minute to add the proximity card or tag under the employee's profile. Check out this video to see how to enrol an employee's proximity card or tag.

How does a proximity card time clock work?

Employees wave their card or tag past the front of the clock, and their time is recorded. This device can ensure that all employees log their time worked, and sufficient records are kept for all employees.

What are the benefits of a proximity card time clock?

The Proximity Card Clock features a contactless proximity sensor that allows employees to clock for work quickly. The cards and tags can be reused when an employee leaves and a new employee starts. This is a great time clock solution for businesses that are already using a tag or swipe card.

What happens if an employee forgets to clock In?

If an employee forgets to clock in or out, guessing games begin, which results in potential inaccuracies in payroll and wasted time. You can edit hours worked in the Aussie Time Sheets software; this is not a habit you want to encourage.

What is the ROI on a proximity card clock?

Calculate Your Savings using our ROI Calculator to estimate the amount of money you could save with an Aussie automated time and attendance system.